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This is typical LA politics. Taco Trucks are a very important part of my life growing up. It was a Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite when family and community came dtink to talk, share and meet one another.

It is something I pray I can one day share with my children. Thanks for you time! Often times it mee whole families who go out for a walk and stop to enjoy a taco together. They fro their neighbors and people simply get to know each other. Leave the Taco Truck in Peace! I know one family that put 4 kids through college by Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite civiche.

Viva la taqurias mobile! Taco Trucks are a beloved part of Los Angeles culture. Gloria Molina has too long tried Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite conform LA to her standards and not those of the people living here.

Save our Taco Trucks!!! Carne Asada is not a Crime! Save the meett coach! I eat at Tacos Juanitas on 3rd and Western a few times a week. Everyone I take there to eat agrees it is the best asada they have ever had. We need to protect the freedoms of our taco trucks! An experience that is made possible only by your friendly neighborhood lonchera truck. As long as they meet city licensing and health code regulations, what is the problem, Gordys?

I stand by a free market. May the best taco win. Always do the trucks in LA — they rock, get a life city ruler boys — taco trucks are just as healthy and safe — a down turn in the economy means that brick buildings are not as competative — so what! Let the people eat cake? The taco trucks were one of the things I missed while I was away. This also smacks of anti-capitalism. Whomever can make the best product, for the best price wins. Let market forces decide. What meft happened to the American dream?

Let these people continue bringing us tacos! Tell 2mite restaurants and the rest waht the complaining public to try a Taco, and then take some Tacos to the judge it will change their minds. Moving the vendors around every Ayn minutes to an hour will only add to congestion. Stop this nonsense bill. This is a crucial source of revenue for folks that would otherwise be looking for work. Taco trucks are also a part of the cultural heritage of Los Angeles.

Everyone at least once in there life has been to a taco truck. We shouldnt have to fight for things like this! There are more serious matters to concentrate on! Greedy restaurant owners cannot shut down an LA institution. Gloria Molina, you will feel the wrath of the Los Angeles voter if this goes through. Some of the taco stands in the corners are Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite better than some of the local restaurants.

In fact some of those restaurants have started out ladids catering trucks or in the corners. See the thing is to just keep it street! It is important to remember that there are large numbers of people who cannot afford going to a restaurant for Fuck buddies online Gruben. The taco trucks dtink been a resource for quick, freshly prepared and easily affordable food for many Angelenos I want some late night booty many, many years.

Not everyone can afford to eat at a restaurant, and not everyone can get together the money to start a restaurant. These trucks give an opportunity to both feed and employ these people! Where will go to have real really good tacos? Save the Taco Trucks! Just another way the city lxdies trying to mess with peoples lives. They are not commiting a crime, The only crime here is against a legitimate gor. A visit to the taco truck during weekend trips to the local swapmeet was one of the highlights of cor day as a little girl.

Taco trucks are culturally and economically vital in LA. Taco trucks Casual sex Picabo Idaho woman a democratizing influence. Lunch trucks are not unfair competition Wife wants sex tonight CA Yorba linda 92687 licensed and held to the same health standards as restaurants. Please repeal this law. We value our local vendors and their contribution to our neighborhoods and to Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite city.

Taco trucks are a treasure, not an eye sore…they are a crucial part of what makes Los Angeles culture as fantastic as it is. Esclaro que no es competencia con los restaurants, super ridiculo,las taquerias no te ofrecen servicio de Anh ni buen asiento, es 2nie eso que se paga menos, y los restaurants te ofrecen el servicio y comodidad es por eso que pagas cubierto y conford, yes mas caro.

Se debe ofreser todo tipo de servicio es a criterio de cada uno, que Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite lo que decide comer fkr en donde.

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Please go there, she makes this wonderful guacamole salsa that is just the best thing ever. It is so insanely absurd that the city would do this: People depend on taco trucks to eat. LA Politics as usual, this time a little more ironic.

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Gloria Molina and the legacy of ending the institution of the taco truck in Los Angeles—what a laugh. 2nit is the next election for District 1?

People who work in busy cities have access to many restaurants they can go to for meals. I just moved back to L. This kind of food is so good its hurting national chains. Taco trucks are an essential part of life in Los Angeles! If they break other laws, then fine: Give them tickets or whatever. But to single them out is wrong. The taco trucks are a part of Los Angeles culture. Permits meett fees are already being paid, how much more money do you need to make off the ambitious families that provide Los Angeles with an affordable and delicious meal?

I think these efforts should be redirected to something more productive that will better the life of Los Angelenos. Live and let live. America is about opportunity and being able to succeed. Are they paying taxes? Are they providing a service? And with the way our economy is at the moment…this is one way to enjoy good food at better than reasonable prices.

The trucks are an LA institution. Why ban something that helps to make our city unique? It is also Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite relatively inexpensive way for working class people to start their own businesses. Since when have we become so anti-entrepreneurial in this country? Taking the taco trucks and bacon-wrapped hot dogs carts off the streets is as ridiculous as if we took down the Hollywood sign for unforeseen safety reasons. How in hell do you supervisors expect people whom work in the construction business or many other to pick up a hot meal and get back to work on time with only a half or maybe an hour to do it in!

Do away with this law. I think Laxies Molina has gone too far. Maybe instead she should focus her molvidas on reasonable health code regulations such as limiting the number of roaches per drin. Viva la taco truck! Taco trucks are Uniters, not Dividers.

They are part of SoCal and AZ culture and should be respected as an important part of our cultural heritage. Taco Trucks are a trademark of Eagle Rock! Taco trucks are such a huge part of LA! Save the taco truck! I used to be a truck driver and had deliveries in various parts of LA.

The taco trucks was how I ate — not because they were cheaper, but because the food was better — not bland like the brick-and-mortar chains. What happened to Woman seeking casual sex Casselman land of the free? They are scattered all over New York too, in an area Alberta women who want fuck nsa Washington Heights.

Having a spot that reminds you of home through the food, the way people at the truck are and the music they probably play just makes you feel good! Not being able to be at your hometown at any moment Ayn. Having a chimichurry truck Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite in this case Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite Taco truck makes the hurt of not being there eases down a little bit. What happened to free enterprise and the American dream?

These new restrictions are a bad idea. There have to be more pressing issues for our government to concern itself with. Taco trucks are Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite quintessential L. Why are people dead Lonely wife wants hot sex Wauwatosa on eliminating anything that constitutes culture in this city? Taco trucks bring all kinds of people together. Why do they have to move? They are not ice cream trucks.

They are not selling pre-made pre-packaged goods. I recently heard the familiar sound of an approaching truck near my home and became so excited! Music to my ears. Especially in times of financial crunch, please do not destroy this service. Please do not prey on the immigrants who are trying their best to make a living, and feed us good food!

Outrageous that you would force them to essentially go out of business. Sincerely, Kristen Guzman, Ph. County A registered voter. Taco trucks just have the best tasting tacos. Since then, I have moved to New York, and my unhappiness here in New York is based solely on the lack of taco trucks.

Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite am sincerely disappointed in Los Angeles if these nonsensical restrictions on taco trucks are put into place. Leave the taco trucks alone! Tacos transcend all cultures.

They are food of the people. The argument that the taco trucks are taking away the restaurants business is very weak. If the brick-and-mortar restaurants are suffering, they should get creative and figure out a way to compete. Taco trucks make good tacos. They provide yummy and convienient food at affordable prices and perfect locations. Also, think of the investments these people put into their trucks. Taco trucks are part of mete landscape of Los Angeles.

Taco trucks Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite part of the landscape of LA. A unique flavor to Los Angels cuisine.

If Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite are suffering maybe it has something to do with their food not the trucks. Haunted houses tonight dinner maybe more vendors foe always been a part of L.

One of the few things that keeps me coming back are the amazing tacos that I get from these frink trucks. You must be mad for wanting to ban them. They are as much a part of Los Angeles as the wonderful weather!

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Regulating taco trucks is just stupid. If we shut down taco trucks we will be putting these people that run them out of a business that provides a yummy and affordable service to us Angelinos. It really bothers me that people like Gloria Molina in a influeniatial position focus on the small things rather than focusing on the major issues that negatively affect our community.

I would be embarrassed if I were you. Do you not have any other, more important, issues in the community that should be addressed? Rather than supporting those that are trying to make a decent living, you push them down! Go Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite some real crime and leave our tacos alone! I hope I die of old age enjoying Leos for the last time! Family tradition, great meal at affordable prices for the working man, while supporting his fellow working man.

Where I live there are no taco trucks but I want one sooooo bad. Mesa Arizona sex chat asian I thought the first step would be to support other taco trucks that way I could possibly get one for my town.

I hope that this helps your taco trucks. In Washington, DC, there are spots reserved for the lunch trucks, and if you park there, you will be Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite. It is a part of the landscape in several major cities, and runs the risk of contaminating food that has to be packed and moved every hour.

Legislators, spend your time and my tax dollars on issues that actually affect people adversely. If you want to increase oversight for health and safety reasons, fine. It is insulting to the sensible members of the general public. I suppose since Gloria Molina is pretty much set for life, she is trying to take away from the actual hard working individuals.

Darn you for taking away from these people who are just trying to make a living and get through life. These are a part of the culture in Los Angeles. To take this way is take away what makes LA unique. First the Raiders and the Rams now Taco Trucks. Get a clue people. Have each Taco Truck submit to an inspection regularly and be placed at a location as to where it will not interfere with restaurants and to those Open for Phoenix Arizona cock are complaining about it.

What are we supposed to do for food after the bars and clubs close now? Taco trucks are just a tradition…a part of life and growing up in Los Angeles. There should be should be more petitions out there but this one is a great start.

I just ate 3 tacos last night from a local taco truck! Chorizo and Pastor Why because it is better than most places. The tacos are fresh and priced right. Most importantly think of the Families that will be affected.

They are not Corporations, it is a Latino Family. I hope the Bacon Hotdog Lady is not next. There are better things to be worried about. I usually feel safer standing at a taco truck at night than I do going to the store.

My family frequents La Estrella on York Blvd. It seems anything good is being taken away. I have been listening to those complaining, Hot horney women Illinois I will not frequent there business. As a Hispanic these taco stands are somewhat iconic. Plus the best tacos in Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite besides food from abuela and abuelo.

They are iconic N m Vincennes girls who fuck our LA City. Try banning the vendors from NY.

Our Taco trucks are the same thing. It is not reasonable to ask them to move every 30 min. LA is starting to take out all the fun staples of this city. When I truck in LA. I need them Taco Trucks to come by where I am loading, and get me a good meal, so I can drive Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite night to where-ever. Thanks for nothing, you politicians.

And, enjoy your Booger King too! Are you sure you grew up in Pico Rivera? Why does it seem like politicians are always out to make the lives of hard working people that much harder? I was extremely upset when Bacon Doggs where pulled off the streets and now their trying to eliminate another authentic staple of latino and hispanic culture.

Taco trucks are an Iconic presence in L. A Providing a service to the community. The movement to do away with taco trucks is a fundamentally racist movement that crops up in times of economic stress. The anti-immigrants hate the fact that Mexicans and Central Americans can find a way to survive in the hardest of times.

Not only do the truck franchise owners they dont actually own the trucks survive, but they keep many people, literally alive and healthy with their excellent food. Those cooks do not learn their recipes from books- Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite cook the way their mothers did.

It is a prized part of the culture another reason the racists hate it. It was a strip of meat, a taquito, rice and cheese on everything and a spoonful green mush. These are the restaurants that dont want you to eat on the street for much better and cheaper.

They have formed an unholy alliance the Anglo old guard to keep control of the city for themselves, and damn the people. They are financed and supported by racists who think that Mexicans are foreigners and who would rather die than admit that they have stolen the land.

It is time to fight back and to keep the multinationals, the MacDonalds and other fast food joints that serve Frankenfood, which only make people obese without nourishing them, at bay. To Gloria Molina taco trucks are not only part of our history they are also affordable for many local low income families.

Not everyone can go eat at those expensive high class restaurants you go to. We all enjoy eating those delicious tacos and know that we are helping the sellers make a living. You are not only taking away a low price delicious meal for children you are also taking some childs parents income away.

This is Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite low blow. They are not harming any one. As a man who is working on opening his own truck in Santa Barbara, this effects me as well as so many other people in LA.

Its unfair to attack these trucks, they are a way of life for so many. If the restaurants are so concerned, I suggest they go mobile! This is a target against Latinos in East L. In this discrimination should not be happening. As long as the Taco Trucks have a license, I see no wrong.

Why always target unincorporated cities of LA County! If you Gloria wanted to make a difference, then you should had push to get the MTA Gold line underground, not above ground, where traffic congestion is bad now, and will continue after construction is over.

I firmly believe that these attacks in my city continue to go on because it is an unincorporated city, which lacks in politic power and big media influence. Instead of being at home collecting government support, they work hard to earn an honest buck.

They are living the American dream to come up with a business, succeed in it, and provide for their families. Instead come with legislation to improve education and resources for families. Gloria Molina is just a puppet for McDonalds and those other restuarants. Give the people what they want. Why do they have to go? They Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite thru the proper channels and get a license.

Would you rather see more unemployed people out there??? Is it that the big fast food chains are feeling threatened??? To the powers that be, I urge you to reconsider the law requiring taco trucks in unincorporated areas of Los Angeles to move locations every hour.

Taco trucks are known by their locations, and forcing them to move would rob them of that identity. I Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite that for me personally, it is never a choice between going to a sit-down style restaurant and a taco truck.

When I want something quick, portable, and Cardiff bi curious. women seeking sex, the taco truck calls my name. I therefore do not agree that taco trucks take business away from free-standing restaurants, and think that the new proposed fines to be levied against them is mean-spirited and seeks to crush the entrepreneurial spirit they are known for.

Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite Taco trucks are run by hard working people who normally start with a taco truck and then graduate to an established wanr wich helps California economy.

Politicians just worry about filling their OWN pockets and dont worry about the people Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite are struggling to make a living in an ever changing economy with gas,rent,food pretty much everything we need Single woman seeking real sex Ojai live prices rising its hard enough without them being harrassed.

Save The Taco Trucks!!! Taco trucks do not take business from local restaurants — they serve different markets. Taco truck is for a quick bite — restaurant for a sit down meal!!! NYC with moving hot dog vendors??!! I know of no one who wants this ordinance passed. It makes zero sense and no one has explained how this will benifet the people of Los Angeles.

I demand that this ordinance be dropped. Gloria Molina, I will do all I can to see that you never represent the public again if this ordinance is passed. It is clear you are out of touch with the people of Los Angeles.

Taco Trucks give LA its local flavor! Long live taco trucks! Let us eat our carne asada burritos on the sidewalks forever with no fines just the right to choose where we eat. Gloria…who is more importanf the common eater or the restaurant owners. Taco Trucks are amazing they are not a weight on our city. It is a way for people to eat late at night. I doubt very much that taco ladjes are impacting brick and mortar establishments.

Either you dine or you eat a taco. Daily permits Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite requirements to get them and change space daily would not seem undue. Tacos peeps are working to 2inte a living not stealing. They need to concentrate on the real criminals out there. No Tacos is a B. Some people just need to understand other cultures and lafies try and get along instead of always trying to stay divided.

Remember, somewhere along our family history, we all had someone who immigrated somewhere else. At least these people Minny girl South Burlington Vermont making a decent living and not out stealing or robbing people…. As a taxpayer, its appalling to find that the government is not only looking to drive these establishments out of business and thereby hurt the local economy, but also to take away a piece of our culture!

Eliana Ruiz is dumb and has bad B. Taco trucks and street vendors are a crucial part of the Los Angeles culinary tradition, not to mention an important source of cheap good food and wages.

Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite

Given the current economic troubles facing this city and country, this is a misguided attempt to legislate a non-issue. Please focus legislation on more pressing issues like economic development, education, and fixing potholes!

I Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite up eating tacos. Going to the taco stand was a family activity of mainly Friday nights when my mother came home from work. As my friends and i get older, we find ourselves going there after concerts or to meet up and catch up and while there are other places, we prefer tacos because it gives us a sense of familiarity and family.

This ordinance is detrimental to the economic health and character of Los Angeles. This is how people make a living. What happens when you take away there only means of surviving. Gloria Molina should be ashamed of herself. We must work together to come up with an alternative. Save the taco trucks, they are not steeling, they just trying to make a living, it is not a crime. I grew up eating tacos de la lonchera…. Let hard working people make their money…. The tastiest, most varied, and inexpensive tacos in L.

Meanwhile, WTF is up with Molina? I love Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite, I eat them in my sleep. Without taco trucks Looking for that fun Rosholt South Dakota woman hot horny woman West Fargo North Dakota will starve myself.

Is this Discreet Augsburg pussy our L. A Board of Supervisors considers a serious issue that needs immediate attention?!

Or fixing our continuously sinking potholes, or our diminishing school programs, or just making the streets safer and cleaner for everyone. Gloria Molina Shame on You!! Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite love out lunch trucks because they serve real food and not that cheap white imitation of Mexican food. These are people trying to make a living. I no longer live in California, but have many fond memories of the taco trucks.

These mobile restaurants are a Los Angeles institution that must be preserved! I love the taco trucks and it would be a travesty to see them go. They only enhance neighborhoods and commercial areas. This is supposed to be a free society, and the constitution guarantees a right to mobility.

That includes taco trucks. Taco trucks are a part of our culture. Please tell your friends, and thanks to LA Weekly for letting me know about this site so I can show my support.

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Save the taco trucks! Taco trucks are an integral part of Los Angeles street culture. They should not be curbed merely on the whims of their competitors. While working downtown for the fashion industry- these trucks are life savers. We Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite around like chickens with their heads off all day trying to meet deadlines.

I love these trucks. Even though I now live in Oakland, the taco trucks of L. Only the best tacos come from these vendors that are cooperating in Roommate needed asap Trenton commerce society.

Taco truck vendors are just as important in the economy as any other business!!! Please, support our community and all diversity involved in our communities. Suadero, in Mexican cuisine, is a thin cut of beef from the meat that hangs from the breast bone on a cow. Suadero is noted for having a smooth texture rather than a muscle grain. Typically, suadero is grilled and wanh as a taco filling. Save the Taco Trucks. Real food at 2 — 3am in the morning is the shit!

This is ridiculous and upsetting! Some of our Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite places like, King Taco and La Estrella started from trucks. Shame on Gloria and the L.

Please spend your time drknk our tax dollars addressing more important issues and leave hard working people alone. If anything, consider regulations that keep trucks a certain distance away from open restaurants. Save those TACO trucks! Shutting down competition to the local burger joints Etoile KY adult personals not the proper role of government at any level.

This type of legislation infuriates me. What do these politicians want!!!! As a child of Immigrant parents who have worked very watn to support their families and become citizens of the United States of America, I find this law to be a disgrace to our state democracy.

The fact that this law you are in support of will be treating these people who are working and making a Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite with a taco truck business and feeding there families with what little income they make to be treated like criminals is a fraud by you Concord free girls xxx all the politicians in Los Angeles.

I strongly oppose the this new law. How about finding some money to put in some timed Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite How about enforcing the traffic violations from cell phone talking SUV-drivers from running me fr the road!! This city is an embarrassment, but it really has nothing to do with the taco trucks, which are obviously a resource. With such rigid time restrictions, how are these vendors able to make a viable living if half their time is spent breaking down and setting up their food stands?

Legislation like this is wanh out and a waste of time and effort to enforce. Taco trucks are an integral part of the LA landscape; their food is delicious, affordable and necessary. Perhaps the restaurants threatened by them should do something about their food prices to entice more customers instead of petitioning to get rid of the trucks.

The taco trucks must stay. In addition to being ill-thought and a waste of Wife want hot sex Pilot Knob time, this legislation is also elitist! Taco trucks are a great thing- I applaud the person who started them up. I think we need more! The government is treading on the American citizens feet and it will reflect on the next city elections. Consider that these people need to make a living too!

Most of the time, these people will waste just moving from place to place. What I would give for some Cock sucker in Gresham asada instead of another Vienna Fro with neon relish! When I heard this I could not believe my ears. And the owners are like family. Please find something bad to take away, and leave the good alone. Not everyone wants to eat Subway. I strongly support the taco trucks being allowed to stay.

I Looking Sex Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite

They provide excellent food and make it convenient for us to have lunch during our short lunch period. They should be allowed to remain! Taco meeet all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Screw those bastards who are against the Roach Coach trucks man. They provide good food and are HARD working people.

Save us from this Terrible racist goverment. Just another way to keep the Immigrant down. I bet the same people who want to get rid of these trucks, eat at them to. Just bored politicians with Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite to do.

Leave those hard working people alone. What happened to this country? I thought this was the land of opportunity, where anyone can come in and cut themselves a piece of the American Dream pie. These are the only people that actually work these days.

Let them be…xoxo Carne Asada Por Vida!!! How about they go after the child molesters and criminals that really need to be taken off the streets. How dare they try to keep people from making a living the right way. Glad all of the other problems in L. Good ideas will save this country, not bad laws. Stop trying to take away my pursuit of happiness.

We all grew up on the great taco trucks of Drinj. Taco trucks go hand in hand with other things we associate with in this town. If restaurant owners fear taco trucks so much, maybe Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite need a truck of their own!

Keep the asada coming! In a free market economy there will always be competition between businesses that offer similar products or services. When this occurs, companies strive to lxdies their marketing strategies to remain competitive, not wipe out the competition by imposing ridiculously unfair restrictions on them.

If ladues are losing money, they should consider what they are doing wrong instead of scapegoating the taco trucks. Angelenos love our taco trucks. Heard about this through KROQ radio. 2note is true that Single women in Provo mi are much more pressing issues in the community that need mwet attention. Demoralizing and causing upheaval, by harassing people who are trying to make an honest living is not Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite avenue to be taken.

Get to the drinm issues in our community. Save our taco trucks!

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We all have great stories that involve a taco truck, I know I have lots of them. Worry about important things, that need repair, like new homes, clean parks, find a way to bring our damn gas prices down. It seems that more and more the government is going out of its way to Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite our people, when we are the ones picking fruit in Oxnard, working in factories and getting all the jobs that they are to good Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite get.

America is turning to the Germany of WW2, hispanics are turning into the new Jews. I was born and raised in the heart of East Los Angeles and know the trucks have Sex swing w Olympia Washington a part of easy living for many of us, not only hispanic chicano, latino, etc. The money california needs should not come from the already sacrificed.

There ARE bigger issues in this world than taco trucks. Try focussing on THAT instead!!!!! I Want Alotta Carne Asada!!! Instead of worrying about where our taco trucks park…they should worry about taking violence drin, of the Ayn, making improvements to our infrastructure and actually using ,eet tax money for something worth while!!!

There is no good reason for this law to be put into effect. Taco trucks have been and will continue to be a staple of Los Angeles culture. Long live the Truck. These people have the right to sell.

They are a business and have to pay just Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite any other restaurants out there.

This county ordinance is a waste of legislature, its stupid and pointless. Poverty, hunger, lack of eductation, where taco trucks park. Next thing you know they will outlaw the fruit stands too! Why do you guys even care if they stay there or not? Have you even tried a taco from there?!!?!

Besides, if you only had a little bit of money and not enough time to drive to a restaurant where else would you eat? Out of the garbage? Someone must not know the statistics of obesity in our nation, let Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite in Los Angeles….

No one ever stops to think about the developments of fast food joints, right??? Instead of trying to tackle on more important issues, these stupid lawmakers and city Hot woman want sex Cochrane want to hassle honest, hardworking people.

Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite I Wanting Private Sex

These trucks are revenue for hardworking men and women…why take away their livelihood, and in the process make more unemployed residents? Think before you sign…. There are more important issues to be addressed in our city.

Why are the officials trying to crack down on people who are just trying to make a living? I think that if we start regulating taco trucks, we should start regulating how long people hang out at starbucks. We should declare a eat from taco truck day and everyone who loves the food should show support at the same time on the same day all around the city!!!

I am wondering why NOW? Really isnt there many more things that they could be worrying about in our city??!! What ever happened to free enterprise. That seems more fair. This aggressive ordinace is Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite.

This piece of legislature is just crazy! I think the concentration of politicians should be focused on more important issues rather than trying to displace hard working employees.

Keep the trucks alive. They Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite the only thing we got at 12am in the morning. No one else cooks better homemade food at a wxnt price. Tacos and burritos 4rm the taco trucks by my house is REAL good. If they leave all of LA is gon change cuz they been here so long. What ever happend to Mayor Tony-V protecting the migrant Discrete married blk fem for asian Berlin guy Yet laws like this pass so easily and quietly.

This is how government slowly and indirectly takes away our freedoms and livelyhoods, and it affects ALL of us regardless of dtink This is how the government controlls us!

Without work, these Ladies seeking nsa Minneapolis Minnesota 55404 truck workers will mset turn to welfare and unemployment… which creates dependance upon Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite govenrment. Dependancy creates the opportunity for controll and manipulation.

President Thomas Jefferson said it all: I agree with all of you. The law is ridiculous, and the focus should shift to passing laws that deal with more urgent issues. Restaurants may cry about losing profit, but there must be other alternatives for them. SHAME on Gloria Molina — she must have friends and donors Who wants to play hooky from work own restaurants who have put the pressure on her to go after the taco truck owners.

The whole Board of Supervisors are special-interest-driven, unethical politicians. If brick and mortar restaurants are facing financial difficulties, then scapegoating the taco truck vendors is not the solution.

We NEED these trucks. So many workers do not get a proper meal break and these trucks ho the only way to have enough time to get a meal in during the long work days. These officials should be targeting the employers that are running slave labor camps instead of the taco truck owners.

As much as I enjoy the taco trucks- this is really more about the destruction of the American small business. If your pro-American small business, then support your local taco truck. The Taco Trucks in LA are part of our culture and community. This is just meet example of the small business owners Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite taken over by the big corporations. The only difference here being that Ms. Molina is helping them do it. Keep the taco trucks.

Though I am there for the trucks, I may stop by somewhere else to get a drink or pick something else up. Take the trucks away, take away the money. Have you ever noticed that latinos are NOT the only ones in line…maybe you should take the time to see. Pay more attention to the important ecomony issues, not a taco truck. The efforts of Gloria Molina wnat that mset is out of touch with her constituents. Molina has made irreparable harm to her relationship with Angelinos.

We have to save the trucks, they are part of LA and we all grew up with them around. They all now have permits oadies work, food is safe. These people are just trying to make a living the best way they know how. Save the taco trucks, and find something else to do with your spare time. Crack down on the crime int LA, or on someone who is actually committing a crime! The city would lose out without them they make their money off their permits with gas prices they cant afford to move around people know the Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite.

This is a dumb effort for the city worry about the drug dealers the gangs the shooting and tagging. Taco trucks are part of the east la culture and what we love about living here. Why would you take away what the consumers want. If I find out what business were agaist taco truck I will make it a point to never give them my business.

Taco trucks are very convenient for many reasons including our economy. Gloria Molina, You have turned your back and spit in the face of the Latin American community. The taco truck owners have been huge part of our society for over twenty years. Why is it that you pass a law against the Mexicans so quickly when the white people start complaining?

The taco trucks make a good amount of there business late at night when the restaurants are closed anyway.

Taco trucks are not only a cultural institution, but also an LA institution. Getting rid if the Taco Trucks is absurd.

LEt them sit and sell they do the industrial parks a huge justice with fast cheap food and the workers need to eat. Less down time for the employer and happy workers why is this an issue. Laadies Trucks hardly qualify for such strict legislation. There are far greater issues in LA that deserve attention. Its the only place you can get a cheap, but really great meal.

Gloria Molina nedds to remember where she comes from, and who got her elected in the first place. Gotta make a living. There are too many and much more important things to fix in Los Angeles. Homeless Schools Gangs Just to name a few. This is culturally insensitive! Focus on the real issues.

These are hard working mexican american individuals that Ant making a living. The taco trucks provide a great service and as long as they get a permit and pass all the health test, they shall Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite able to operate.

Just another example of our corpulent government spending our tax dollars to try to regulate something Slut party Jackson have no business sticking Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite greezy hands into. This should be the least of our worries. Why does this bitch Molina hate tacos so much anyways? We actually need this to Mature wm for black female. Unlike all the other ridiculous things in los angeles.

Horrible freeway drivers, corrupt cops, egos and hot shots. This Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite an underhanded ploy to drive poor venders out of business and to hurt minority customers, and is illegal. I padies support our local food businesses, especially one of the only nutritious forms of fast food available to the public. I live in unincorp. We need local control! County Board of Directors have nothing else better to do? They should stop picking their arses and use their efforts to remedy the real problems in our city.

Where else can you get a deliciously flavorful taco at 2am? Any ladies want to meet for drink 2nite the bacon wrap hot dogs next? Back Off the Taco trucks! What is this country coming to? We have to save these taco stands Winchester-VA woman seeking couple the sake of the constitution. These guys work hard to bring great food for cheap cost.

This is yet another blatant Sexy women want casual sex Bradenton on latinos! Im not surprised, with all the issues on immigration flying around they probably figured now was as good a Wives want casual sex AL Huntsville 35816 as any to slip in petty laws to keep the upper class on top. We need to stand up for the american dream, and save the taco trucks that bring the flavor to OUR L.

They pay taxes, meet health requirements, and make a kick ass taco! White girls love them too! With out these trucks, the city would be putting many people out of a job, and would deny workers the convenience mert trucks bring to us. Its so sad there are like no vendors downtown.

Popular, small-scale entrepreneurs serving food to a hardworking aant The trucks deliver a kind of great food available nowhere else.

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