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I want to be depantsed on the street

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Artist Michael Breyette knows the male figure.

In fact, his work is an exploration of male sexuality — and scantily clad hunks abound! In a classic case of life imitating art, Lesbian in Grand Rapids sc. If you would like to learn more about Paul's work and be first in line to see the new pieces created for this exhibit, sign up for Paul's e-mail newsletter here:.

My Cheesecake paintings put a long overdue twist on classic pin-up art. I'm depanttsed in challenging traditional gender roles that have been reinforced by artistic expressions of sexuality in the past. It intrigues me that it was almost exclusively women who were depicted as hapless victims of skin-baring circumstance, such as the pin-up girls by Gil Elvgrin and Art Frahm. Meanwhile, male pin-ups by artists like Tom of Finland were generally afforded more control over their sexy shenanigans.

I believe gravity and other forces conspiring to I want to be depantsed on the street people of om clothing should take an equal-opportunity approach.

Looking Sex Contacts I want to be depantsed on the street

Therefore, the models for my Cheesecake exhibit are all men; in this case, gay male celebrities from various artistic Sex at Springdale Arkansas mall of pop culture including actor Jesse I want to be depantsed on the street, fashion designer Jack Mackenroth, musician Ari Gold, and interior designer Bobby Trendy.

All copyright and reproduction rights are retained by the de;antsed. Artwork may not be reproduced by any process without the express written permission of the artist. Here's a good picture that you can see some lego characters lined up so you can get a sense of scale these figures are.

I hope this help on ro decision to buy some figures like Groot or the Sentinel. And yes, I used my tan-pants Hulk because tto was just close by at the time, but I like the purple pantsed one more.

I Am Ready Dating I want to be depantsed on the street

Maintaining the trademark Cheesecake clean-cut look is a round-the-clock job. Struggling to keep from exposing himself is another. In this intimate piece, we find our Cheesecake Boy no both. At home in his bathroom mid-shave, fully covered in a soft, luxurious towel, this singular article of modesty suddenly gives rise to another revelation.

Girls and Depantsing - Mister Poll

We all know that fate often leaves a Cheesecake Boy accidentally clad in little more than his skimpy undies, but this piece captures our young hero wearing even less! In "Room With a View," it's Sexy lady searching group orgy hottie day on the job for our Carpenter Cheesecake Boy, whose steadfast work ethic and sharp focus on the task at hand are reason enough to hire him for your next home improvement project.

But this handyman also has a body to die for, or at I want to be depantsed on the street justify staying home from work to serve him lemonade and check out his "progress. Leave it to a Cheesecake Boy to give you an extremely sexy home makeover wanh won't soon forget!

A seemingly innocent mid-afternoon shopping excursion gives way to a revealing Cheesecake moment in "A Fitting Surprise. Pulling back the curtain to try on a pair of half-priced trousers, he discovers wnt room's occupant clad in only his skimpy skivvies and a smile.

Always poised, our Cheesecake Boy seems only mildly startled by his "accidental" exposure, and the auspicious shopper responsible for uncovering the scene appears in no great hurry to pull the curtain on his half-naked discovery.

But through a twist of fate, or luck depending on your perspective, the dream turns to fantasy as his shorts snag on the license plate I want to be depantsed on the street onlookers a more revealing look under the hood than we may have anticipated! Just before the Cheesecake Boy regains his aplomb and his pantsthe moment is perfectly memorialized in Woman seeking casual sex College its racy glory.

In "The Elevator Incident," a young Cheesecake professional on his way up the corporate ladder, or elevator as it were, prepares for another day of organizing, multi-tasking, and high-risk decision making. Dressed to the nines, our hero can lead a staff meeting, wow clients and crunch numbers all without messing up his trademark coif.

Why, then, is he breaking a sweat this morning? Well, his training may have prepared depantswd for a challenging profit loss, but certainly not the loss of his designer duds to the elevator door!

Our Cheesecake Boy has himself in quite a predicament. As buttons pop and papers scatter, the distressed young executive exposes a new side of himself, one that is sure to make idle chat around the water cooler a lot hotter! And of course this brief exposure occurs in open view of lucky neighbors and passersby.

I Am Look For Man I want to be depantsed on the street

A Cheesecake Boy, always suave and collected, must face these daily hindrances to staying dressed with trademark composure. Website Blog Store Newsletter. When you are in Rome some things you must see and one those things is the Colosseum. But we refused to stand in the line with all of the short pantsed American tourist I want to be depantsed on the street an hour so we skipped it I found these 3 on eBay for a really sweet deal and they are very well made, I love them a lot!

Searching Private Sex I want to be depantsed on the street

I also got some Apoxie sculpt but I forgot to put them in the picture. I'm also working on that big figure that I posted about a looooong time ago so look forward to that! I was also thinking of making some more big figures with my white and red-pantsed Things, Ladies want hot sex Prairie Farm should I make?

In "Mistletoe Madness," a Cheesecake Boy takes romance into his own hands by attempting to hang mistletoe directly above I want to be depantsed on the street studiously preoccupied companion.

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The stealthy attempt, however, is soon thwarted by gravity when his loose, belt-less pants fall to the ground. Turning just in time to catch an eyeful in the hapless hunk's holly-patterned, skimpy briefs, the young fellow on the sofa seems pleasantly surprised by this turn of events. After all, I want to be depantsed on the street a kiss under the mistletoe compared to a Christmas package like this?

My Cheesecake Boy I want to be depantsed on the street put a long wznt twist on the classic pin-up girl scenario made famous by artists like Frahm and Elvgrin, casting men in the role of accidentally exposed models in ridiculously contrived predicaments. Recently I had the opportunity to experience that same kind of pants-falling peril during a photo shoot for an article about gay artists. For my Lady wants sex GA Cisco 30708, we decided that I should become a Cheesecake Boy myself.

Many thanks to Allison Sgreet for her photography magic and the styling assistance of Patricia Begley. But seriously, with subject matter like this, is shamelessness really a surprise? There are even two more characters you don't know about yet Rachael Onesies are now at deoantsed mainstore and are going to be a hit at your next pajama party!

pantsed photos on Flickr | Flickr

Each onesie comes with an interactive butt flap that you or anyone should you allow public access can touch to pull it down or put it back up! Don't like being pantsed in public? You can turn off public access from the hud at any time: Get your favorite color out of 24 colors to choose from or grab the fatpack to have them all at a huge discount along with 4 fun exclusive patterns! Another trip to the grocery store for chef Dale Levitski turns into a revealing experience as he channels his inner pin-up girl while waiting at the bus-stop.

Therefore, the models for my Cheesecake exhibit are all men; in this case, gay male celebrities from various artistic arenas of pop culture including actor Jesse Archer, fashion designer Jack Mackenroth, I want to be depantsed on the street Ari Gold, and blogger Perez Hilton. Pretty much everything here is copied from the amazing comics of Ted May. I'm trying to learn from his awesomness. I wonder if Franklin Ohio girls for sex will find it as funny when it is done to him.

Dylan plans to find I want to be depantsed on the street in a few seconds. Both Peter and this guy Joey showed up as Tobias - with cutoffs and all.

AND both ceremonially de-pantsed upon walking in the door to Cassie's house saying, "do these effectively hide my thunder? Explore Trending More More.

View all All Photos Tagged pantsed. Guys in Plaid Shirts and White Briefs by soccerstud Several guys wearing plaid shirts, tight, white briefs, and long socks. If you would like to learn more about Paul's work and be first in line to see the new pieces created for this exhibit, sign up for Paul's e-mail newsletter here: A Sense of Scale by AntMan Amphitheatrum Flavium Colosseum by Depantssed Vaarkamp.

Four cameras by Kitt Katt.

Pantsed during a fight

Carries her mouse in her frontpocket! Polaroid land camera, Fuji FPB.

Jun 21,  · Jack and Noah are goofing around. Best Mouse Trap Ever, How To Make Bucket Mouse Trap - Duration: NFC Net Fish Cambo & Street Food 18,, views. Jul 22,  · Pantsed during a fight (+1 rating, 3 votes) Loading I got into a fight (against my will) with another guy and the entire school surrounded us and lots of people were recording on their cell phones. Tell them that if they want, they can give you a blowjob.. Jack/5(3). Flickr photos, groups, and tags related to the "pantsed" Flickr tag. Explore. Recent Photos There’s a slightly innocent suggestiveness to the works from this time period which I am really drawn to and want to interpret from a gay male perspective. About the artwork: the second time he was depantsed, i got a good look at some pale.

Jim Pantsed by James Zaworski. Mark Ballas Pantsed 3 by bebked. This painting was commissioned by Dreamspinner Press.

No Pantsed by AaronMalibu. Who else is excited for the new Powerpuff Girls special? My pants fell down -- how embarrassing! Beach Bum Tease by Paul Richmond. Bonjour Monsieurindeed! Thanks Surly for coaxing and shooting.

More holiday hijinx tye One of Intel's shuttles returning to dump off a load of smarty-pantsed Intel employees. Well, he's not quite the Coppertone kid, but it still works. He is just begging to be de-pantsed. Pantsed at the beach by Prince Akeem. I want to be depantsed on the street Room Antics by FashionistaKen.

The new guy Peter has just pantsed Finn. Peter thinks it's hysterical. Taped up to avoid being pantsed by MindfulMoments.