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I need a fem i am a soft stud I Want Sexual Encounters

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I need a fem i am a soft stud

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Good seeking boy wants to cuddle and watch a movie good seeking boy stuck at home watching movies on this rainy saturday night seeking for a cool girl who wants x cuddle up and watch a movie. Haha :) Let's start with a little about me.

Age: 45
Relationship Status: Not married
Seeking: Seeking Sex Tonight
City: Louisville, KY
Hair: Carnation pink
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A lesbian who is more masculine than I need a fem i am a soft stud stemme but more feminine than a stud. A group of lesbians who have sex and date one another. A straight woman who once identified as a lesbian. Usually, a lesbro is either a male or a stud. A femme who receives oral sex but never gives. Pitbull Stud, Bull Dyke: A female who believes herself to be a lesbian but eventually goes back to men.

U-hauling is the Housewives want casual sex Lawn Texas 79530 of moving in together within a short time of knowing each other. A term for married lesbian folks. A cross between a wife and a husband. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public.

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One is always going to be more dominant than the other in any relationship. I get discriminated against a lot do to my "indifference" if you may of being attracted to studs srud my appearance says "Stud" I simply like the feeling of security, dominance, control, aggressiveness Especially the "touch me" ones. I can't do the "Touch me not" ones. The femmes or aggressives femmes.

The nurturing spirit, the sensuality, romance, passion, the at times no limitations sexually. Depending on the womon. I get to be me Most can accept and indulge and then there are those that claim they can handle it and really can't. I am NOT for everyone. I let it be known from the door that my physical appearance may be deceiving to some Pay attention to me not sstud clothing.

I Am Want Sex Contacts I need a fem i am a soft stud

It's sad that peple are scared to be themselves without someone casting judgement as if we don't face that enough from others. I feel you on the whole "No labels" thing. Let me express to the forum why I feel this way; "no sm and "don't put me in a box". I consider myself a beautiful woman inside and out; emotionally, mentally, spiritually, intellectually, physically.

I love beautiful women s embrace and can express their femininity Sweet wife wants casual sex Frisco their power without having to put any atud of label on it. I can show my power I need a fem i am a soft stud aggressive nature "without" being tattooed up, hat to the back, wearing a wife beater T-shirt, make-up caked on, heels too high, girlie-girl, screaming dependency, and help me -help me.

I think when we as a community rely on the labels stud, fem, AGF, etc. In my opinion and I realize that it is in the minority that is not good for the community. I enjoy wearing dresses, putting on makeup, but I also enjoy sports and being competitive. Stone can also ztud "very", as in "very butch" and proud of it.

The word "stone Butch" is spelled with two words. Thanks fdm letting me post Chanel.

YOU ARE READING. Stud Love (Stud & Fem) Teen Fiction. Warning: This is not a Stud on Stud love story. This is a stud on femme love story. If you don't like lesbian, then I suggest not to read. May 18,  · A Femme's View On Studs As a self-proclaimed femme lesbian, I adore masculine identified women. First let me state my disclaimers: 1) So that makes me, simply me not the lesbian standard definition of stud, fem, or even AGF. I am not soft, I am not hard, I am just me a beautiful woman who enjoys being a woman and loving a Author: CREATE LOVE! Mar 19,  · Femmes vs. Studs Okay so I came up with this idea from a response I got on my last post. bonds with studs. I am a GQ stud, so that sets me somewhat apart from other studs who embrace the "thug" culture. I am a soft-stud so I'm not sure if that makes a difference but yes, men still open the door for me ALL THE TIME and I smile.

The best to you and yours. Im n a 2 year relationship with a stem thats what i call a stud fem mix lol. Wow all Aa can say is that you are a great writer! Where can I contact you if I want to hire you? Ok well i'm a fem who loves other fems. I guess because I like beng in control.

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I've only ever dated one stud but i'm not really into them like that. Well im a femme and i love studz, brownskinned and always been known as the girl with a banging shape, i have a cute face and love to dress up.

Looking for older read please from ARUBA, so hearing about this labeling of the masculine woman is a bit harsh to me but also a bit comprehensive since i'm basically a stud. But I haven't get the hang of things when it comes to relationships with femme's or as me and my male buds call them not to be called a sexist or anything girly girls.

So all i want to ask is what is it really means be attracted us studs besides physically or how we dress ourself? I jus came out bout 3yrs ago altho ive secretly was in several bi relationships so I guess I now would consider myself a stem but since coming out ive had I need a fem i am a soft stud same 3yr relationship with a complicated stud its more so like I need a fem i am a soft stud in a relationship with a man our sex life sucks because she wants me to wait to penatrate her but im always the reciver I jus want to give her th ed same pleasure sge gives me and have fun instead of the vasic hetero sex I was having b4 I came out.

My name is Nat.

And my gf name is Ariana. We been going out for 8 months now. And ima lesbian but she is bi.

Want Real Sex I need a fem i am a soft stud

Idk if i should let her actually Boyfriend watches while you pleasure me thibgs to me during sex. I want to get pleasured. Its jus new yo me bc i never had sex with a boy and she has been asking me if she can and telling me she wants to but idkk. Ok so I guess I am a soft stud. I am dominate I have short unpainted nails aa short spiked hair.

I do not wear make up or dresses. But I am not a boy.

Wouldn't want to be. I am just a grown up tom boy.

I have always loved femmes. The point of being a lesbian is being with a woman. Makeup nails hair and dresses turn me on. But I still want a strong woman one with a voice.

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Tough enough to dominate me yet submissive enough to never try. Except occasionally and I mean occasionally in bed. My opinion is in a relationship be it man and woman man and man or two women there must always be a dominate and submissive partner and that has nothing to do with gender or stud femme.

Though studs are typically more dominate by definition. Also I like a girl who will play video games with me and go fishing I just want to be better. Hey im new to dating a lesbian I am currently talking to a stud but I get real nervous because im not use to it but I think she is really I mean really cute Oral sex an more keep thinking about her all the time and also find myself in desire of actually being with her intimately idk am I confused or what is going on help.

It's a lesbian thing. That means any news, advice, entertainment, literature, reviews, jokes,polls, etc will be completely I need a fem i am a soft stud. Thursday, March 19, Femmes vs.

I need a fem i am a soft stud I Am Searching Sexual Dating

Okay so I came up with this idea from a response I got on my last post. That's why I love when my readers comment because it keeps the cycle of ideas flowing. Anyway, so some lesbians don't buy into the whole label thing.