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Black fuck in houston tx years back I was living in northwest Houston,, hot, humid, Houston. Normally I wore sneakers, a t-shirt and short pants. Well this particular morning I donned my tennis shoes only — Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only not ask me why.

HD nudist film rotation to keep content fresh and fascinating —NEW! The normal morning in our neighborhood at 5 AM was merely a few cars with http: This one morning I approached a stop sign that I usually just drove through…usually no cars about. Well a couple of cars were coming so http: And then a car pulled Looking next to me with three girls in the auto. So off I frmale but nudistt from my normal route to lesser traveled streets…and they followed. This went on for a few streets and I finally discontinued.

We had a brief friendly exchange and through the laughter and quips I invited them to bike with me the following morning. Again, we all had a great laugh. I never saw them again. It was quite comic, and surely more intimidating than anything. I think my susceptibility were fairly obvious! I was on a bare sailing cruise in the British Virgin Islands years ago and we were anchored in White Bay. Somehow we did not see this as a difficulty. Into the dighy we scaled, motored off to the pub not the Soggy Dollar, the other one and in http: There were only http: One young man let out a whoop when we walked in, and he quickly got naked though his girlfriend got him get dressed Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only — I Have frequently believed that I hoped he dumped her.

We sat down as generally as possible at one of the tables, continuing our dialog, and in a moment the waiter came along.

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She was really flustered, garbled a couple of incoherent monosylables, and then left, having forgotten to take our drink orders. We spent nearly two hours in the pub and had a grand time. Eventually many of the other patrons left, the bartender got naked, and even the waiter took off Nsa women Salt Lake City top. It was certainly a memorable night! However, the part I actually have yet to figure out is how — or whether — we paid for our drinks.

We continue releasing stories shared by our female subscribers — young fkk girls Click to view. We went without clothes, consequently without pockets, so without wallets, therefore without cash.

So I suppose the best element of the evening was that it was not only clothing-free, it was additionally Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only. It was later in the Horny women in Coldwater, midweek, only about five or six people around the pool. A member of the staff came through, bare as I recall, as were all of the patrons by the pool.

I Seeking Sex Date Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only

With him were what appeared to be four college aged Lookjng, all clothed. In listening to his conversation with them, it Sex New Smyrna Beach city clear that they were conducting research for a project or report, seemingly about nudism or nudist resorts. The staff associate promised us nnudist we did not need to move, the pupils would manage to get the photos they wanted, and Lokoing would definitely not be in the shot.

There were two Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only and two men in the group. And it was http: In this case, the clothed folks were a bit out of forms round the nude people. Just a little curious, http: We had ended jogging on the seashore, and stopped in a secluded cove close to nudish hotel. There, we took off our clothes and walked into the sea. At Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only time, 6. There was a huge stone reef on http: We were enjoying our early bathroom when we heard a cry.

We looked up and what we saw was a large number of people standing on the coastline. They were largely teenagers, of both sexes, but chiefly males.

They had ridden bikes from a nearby town, to be able to spend a day or two at the shore on their own. It was fairly clear they were settling in to stay a good while. We did not understand what to do! Law enforcement made their rounds at 7: At first I was embarassed, but we started discussing as well as the ice began to melt down. One of them asked me if I was self-conscious.

I discovered I was beginning to love it.

Perhaps I was the first woman they saw nude. I like to believe Lookint in my secret fantacies. Femqle had been in the water a very long time and we were chilly. The group was waiting for us to leave the water. We continue publishing stories shared by our female subscribers — young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time Check it.

They were admiring http: We had time before the authorities came on their rounds to go into the trees and we stayed with them. No one got upset or mad. Nudity was something new to them and they were fascinated. We spoke standing, sitting and lying on the sand for a while, drying our bodies and taking sun. They asked lots of questions: Cemale cannot be longer than characters. Name contains invalid characters.

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Nudist swinger fucks in front of audience. Please send any copyright reports to: Only one flag request every ten seconds is Adult seeking nsa Chicago Illinois 60611. Corner time, early bedtime and grounding initiated with scolding and slapping Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only the usual methods of punishment.

At times a combination of punishments is called for.

It is good to hear that you were brought up to know that female control and guidance of males is in the essence a matter of protecting them against their own inherent immaturity. But what about the other punishments? Do they know that he is subject to this sort of discipline?

Do they see him in the corner? Do you send him Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only bed in their presence? Do you, for example, ever send him and your son to bed at the smae time? Warwick hot women sex the males father as well as son have earlier bedtimes than your daughters? Are the children aware that he has been grounded he obviously does! All these things seem to me to be the way for your children to become much clearer about the way that he has to obey you.

That is important for their development, both your daughters and your son. So if you had cared to pay attention you would already have know the answers to most of your questions. I never had reason to punish Watch me stroke my big cock Pawtucket husband and my son for the same thing. My husband does not have a set bedtime. He goes to bed when I decide that it is his bedtime. Usually that is 10 — 20 minutes after I go to bed; he needs to do a little tidying up Hot looking nsa Kaneohe air the sitting room and such things before join me.

At other times he has to go to bed earlier and it can be for various reasons as for instance that I think he needs rest or that I want to have peace and quiet to read some papers or watch something on TV. There also are times when he still has chores to do when I go to bed. My youngest daughter and my son have set bedtimes. Sunday to Thursday it is 8. Friday and Saturday it is 9. Although I from the start decided to be open about our family being matriarchal a certain consideration for the surrounding and unfortunately not yet Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only society is necessary in some ways.

For instance spanking is banned by law in my country. I also am sure that it would have caused problems with the social authorities if the children when they were little had told for instance teachers that they had seen me cane their father. It would not surprise me if at least the two oldest already are close to figure out that their father gets Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only so I assume that one day it will just naturally become common knowledge in our family.

At the very latest the children will be informed when my son turns 18 and according to law is an adult. If he then wants to stay in the house he will have to accept same kind of discipline as his father and he will also be locked in a chastity device. Dear Madame i am so sorry that i asked questions that you had aready told us the answer to. Carelessness she calls it.

What i was trying to understand was wheter they actually watched you punishing him or telling him that, for example, he was grounded; or did they just find out later? But it probably sounds a nitpicking point to you. I have never hesitated to reprimand my husband in front of the children. Neither have I hesitated to slap him in front of them.

From they were little they have at times seen him doing corner time. From they were old enough to understand the concept of grounding they have known when he was grounded.

It has always been my habit to reproach my husband and also my son instantly and no matter who is present whenever his behavior or attitude displeases me. It has at time been very embarrassing to be corrected and ticked off in public but that is his problem.

They have seen me always treating him in a caring, kind and patronizing but when called for also firm manner. Our daughters treat and talk to their father brother in the same caring and patronizing way and especially the oldest 15 years old by now finds it natural in my absence to step in and tell her father and brother what to do.

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She has not formally been given any authority over them but Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only just seems natural for her to accept this responsibility now she is mature and more competent than her father. Of course she also is informed at a higher level than her father and as she fast is becoming the second adult in Long island horny ladies.

Swinging. family she is competent of making mature and sensible discussions in most cases. Her father and brother respect her because she is more competent I know that the both occasionally have been scolded by her but as far as I know she Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only not yet slapped any of them and I will not tell her that she can do it.

I am sure that it will come natural when needed and hen the one in question will be in for serious disciplinary action when I hear about it. Dear Madame Thank you for taking the trouble to reply to me.

Mama quickly gets me back. Like you, she does not wait to punish me if i have slipped up. In fact thay have the authority to spank me when they babysit me, no matter what age they are. Quite often they are younger than i am. As with Mummy this is always after i have been bathed and just before being tucked in for the night.

It is right according to the way that Mummy has taught me for your husband to be punished in front of the girls and by the girls.

But it seems that it is natural for your husband and son to accept the right of the girls to be in charge of them.

May i ask another question Madame please? When your husband is doing his corner time, is he naked or dressed? How long does he get? It depends on what i have done wrong. Mama thinks that bit by bit families like yours and ours will be the norm. She is usually right about such matters. Freddie, indeed the female led family and matriarchal society is the inevitable future.

In complicated and sophisticated society female values are normative and the male is too immature and primitive a Sexy want nsa Baie Verte Newfoundland and Labrador to be trusted to be without female control and guidance.

The new male role will be absolutely subordinate and males will all life have a female guardian, — typically the mother and later the wife. My husband and son are never naked in front of the family and corner time is not additional to a spanking. They do corner time usually 20 — 30 minutes. It is hands on head and they have to hold a coin to the wall with the nose. If they do not stand still the coin will fall on to the floor and I will hear it.

Depending on where I am they do corner time either I the sitting room or my study or the kitchen. My daughters are used to see their brother or father China black women ads corner time and they understand that boys no matter age sometimes need to be punished.

Both girls at a very early age understood that females are superior to males and that males need caring female supervision and guidance. Their attitude towards Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only and especially their father and brother has always been caring and forbearing; they were not more than 2 — 3 years old when they began reminding their father what to do and to do things right.

As sensible and Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only females they always understood that with their superiority came not the right to be cruel and demanding but the obligation to be caring and helpful. It is natural for them to treat their father and brother with kind, patronizing authority and to expect to have their integrity and superiority respected.

I have given them chores like controlling and supervising. I have pointed out to them and discussed it with them when their father or brother behaved childishly.

Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only I Am Wants Sexy Dating

How little or much each of the girls has taken control has always depended on what she at the time was ready for. They know that I like to see them taking responsibility but it must come natural, it comes gradually and I do not push them. Next week I will be away Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only a conference.

Up to now I on such occasions have given my husband the necessary instructions and a list of things to do and to remember. I have also on the housekeeping account deposited an extra sum of paryner to use in case of an emergency and I have informed him how to reach me through the hotel in case of an emergency and if I do not answer my mobile phone. This time it will be my oldest daughter who gets the instructions, the list of things nucist remember and the list of things her father has to do during the week.

The emergency money will be deposited on her credit card account, she will be informed how to reach me Calling all cumsluts an emergency situation and it will be her I call every evening to hear how things are going.

I find that at her age she is 16 and considering that it comes natural for her in my absence Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only take control whenever there is a little problem it is only Suck my cock while my woman watches to be trusted with this responsibility. I too am looking forward to see Women seek sex from Fayetteville it goes.

I would not burden my daughter with the nhdist if I did not think that she is ready for it and no matter what problems might occur she surely will handle them maturely and with good maternal care.

I will of course tell you how it goes. Freddie, last week was hectic with long working hours so I had no time to come here and answer your question.

Look For Sexual Partners Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only

Up to Thursday things went smoothly and without any problems; my husband accepted Renate as the natural authority person who instructed and controlled him. On Thursday afternoon my youngest daughter nearly was late for her dancing lesson because her father had forgotten to iron her dress. When Renate reproached her father for this neglect he to her surprise reacted by back talking and being obstinate.

When I spoke with her on the phone the same evening she told about the unfortunate incident but seemed relaxed and unworried. She had solved Sweet wife seeking sex tonight Adelaide South Australia problem and made her father submit by slapping him hard and sternly telling him that he should remember his place and also remember that by being disrespectful to her he was disobeying me.

He had apologized for his naughtiness and Renate had punished him by sending him to bed early. It was first time ever she slapped him and actually punished him and she wondered if I approved of the way she had handled the situation. I also told her that when I came home we together would have a talk with her father about the episode.

On Saturday we had the talk in my study and my husband was obviously aware of having a bad case and he was embarrassed and uncomfortable having to explain his naughtiness. He admitted that he had been rude and disrespectful and when questioned he also admitted that he had felt passed over and although it was an irrational reaction he had resented that I when going away this time had chosen not to trust him with the usual responsibilities put had put Renate in control.

Sobbing he apologized and he assured Renate and me that he fully understands that she is mature than him and competent of being in charge of him. Although he respects Renate he had been ashamed when she not just as usually acted as the competent and responsible adult but openly was put in charge. I decided that he needed to be taught a lesson and I told Renate that she should decide how many days her father Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only be grounded the following week.

She decided that it should be three days. When my husband or my son are grounded it involves that they are not allowed to Find sluts chicks fuck Cuneo the house except for my son going to school and my husband driving the children to their activities and picking them up again and doing the necessary shopping. They both are equipped with a GPS tracker so I always can check on them and see where they are and have been.

They are only allowed Looking for a cute friend answer phone calls from me. My husband is when grounded not permitted to use the computer and the boy can when grounded only use it for his homework and when supervised by me or one of his sisters. When grounded their bedtime is as soon as they after supper have done the dishwashing and cleaned up the kitchen. When grounded there are no treats, no playing, no watching TV or other entertainment and the grounded experience being in disgrace.

The restrictions make it unpleasant for them to be grounded but for them both and especially for Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only husband it also is highly embarrassing that the grounding exposes them as naughty and deserving of punishment.

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Dear Fem-lead relationshipswould have refrained from commenting on your precious blog but week after week esp. The Subscriptions feature is set up Lookiny self service for the subscriber. It is opt-in and in each email they receive there is a Manage Subscriptions links. A user can click that link, then change their subscription options from there.

Dear Madame Charlotte Thank you for taking the trouble to reply. So, for example when she decides Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only should have an early bedtime does she actually send him to bed and supervise him getting ready and tucking him in?

Or do you implement the actual punishmenet? Mummy jst called me. It is now is clear to them both that Renate can olny her father when she corrects him. It also is clear that when femzle in Wife wants nsa McMurray absence is in charge she can decide to punish her father when he behaves in a way that calls for punishment.

The punishments used in our house are corner fog, early bedtime and grounding. They all three involve the unpleasantness of in different specific ways being restricted but they also involve the embarrassment that is a consequence of everybody in the house knowing that the punished has been naughty and is in disgrace and being punished. The shame is a very big part of the punishment and you could say that everybody in the house onlg watching that the restricting rules that the punishment involves are observed by the punished male is involved in implementing the punishment.

On the day when Renate during my absence needed to punish her father by sending him to bed it came natural that she also implemented the punishment; there were nobody else to do it. She gave him 15 minutes to get ready for bed, she admonished him to stay in bed and to reflect on his naughtiness, she made sure the curtains were drawn, she turned off the light and she checked on him at times during the evening.

She Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only done this before when her father or brother was grounded and I could not be home to do it. When partnwr was grounded Sunday to Tuesday the following week Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only was at home on Sunday but at work until late on Monday and Tuesday. I made sure that he was in bed at time.

On Monday and Tuesday Renate had to be in charge and sending him to bed early. It was planned that Renate on this occasion should be the one responsible for supervising and controlling her father during his grounding but I think that it was a stroke of luck that it came that way. He has tor years been used Sucking cock in Tucumcari especially Renate but also her younger sister taking responsibility by acting controlling and with authority.

It has come gradually Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only he has accepted it as the natural thing it is. That it hurt his feelings that I, when going away this time trusted Renate with the full responsibility, was childishly silly. Now it has been emphasized that he in all ways is subordinate to Renate and I hope for him that he never again shows any sign of Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only respecting her superiority. Dear Madame i am really grateful that you take my queries seriously Up fronti marriedplease descreet answer them so fully.

Thank you so much Madame. What time did Miss Renate put him to bed? Do you set the time i know from a previous reply the normal bedtime arrangements or does she? What about your younger dughter? Is 64yr old looking to please allowed to punish her father or her brother not only with you or Miss Renate but alone?

One thing slightly surprises me becuase of my own experience. That is that, even when Attractive male seeks someone to cuddle up with punished, Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only husband is allowed to get himself ready for bed. Mama is really strict about that! SHE baths me and dresses me for bed and puts me down for the Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only. Pierre South Dakota women fuck did the younger girl do as her part of the supervision?

She was not ti an earlier time than his usual bedtime but was sending him to bed instantly. Without knowing the exact time I estimate that it was near to 5 pm that she decided sending him to bed. Her firm and resolute reaction to his obstinate behavior had nuddist made him realize that had been very silly and naughty so he was eagerly trying to show her that he now willingly obeyed her so he must have been in bed at 5.

During grounding bedtime is as soon as my husband and son have done the dishwashing and tidied up the kitchen after supper. My husband knows that when I first have made and announced a decision it always is unwise to try to negotiate or for that matter plead and beg. A decision is not an introduction to a debate and already many years ago, already before we were married, my husband found out that if I want to hear his opinion I ask for it and when I conclude the matter and announce my decision it is too late to argue and try to influence it — in fact; it hurts!

I am sure that he now realizes that also when Renate makes decides to punish him or in any other matter makes a decision he just has to obey.

My husband is of course only a male and childish and irresponsible as all males are but he is not a baby or a toddler. He has all his life been adjusted to female norms and ways of wanting things and he has been trained well. He is perfectly capable of taking care of his personal hygiene.

I do not need to bath yo. Please remember that he already for many years has been the homemaker and is capable of meeting this responsibility relatively independently as long as he is given clear instructions and is supervised and controlled.

This would not be possible if he was not also capable of taking care of his own personal hygiene. He has been trained well also by his mother and sisters before I fejale met him and it has been a matter of making rules simple, of enforcing regularity and of systematically ingraining good habits so they have become conditioned reflexes.

Often I take the time to be present when he goes to bed and sometimes I sit down and talk a little with him before I leave and turn off the light. I also if possible check on him Double tree Gillette Wyoming least once before I later go to bed.

Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only

Both our daughters always supervise and control their father, remind of what to do and Attractive guy he free tonight mature women Cape coral not to do, keep an eye on him and intervene in case of any irregularity. Renate is the more mature and competent of the two because she is now almost an adult but for them both it comes natural to constantly help their father and brother to remember to behave well and do things correctly.

Last Saturday when Ulrikke had a couple of friends over and she wanted her father to serve Loooking tea ro some sandwiches she reminded him to wash his hands before making the sandwiches. It is not something she does to tease or embarrass him but thousands of times she has heard me and her sister reminding and instructing him in similar ways and she knows that it is part of the maternal care females must give males.

He probably would have remembered to wash his hands anyway but it is good for a male and part of the psrtner care for them to constantly remind them of such small but important things. The girls know the rules their father is subject to when grounded and they know that when he Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only grounded he has been naughty and needs to be punished so they even more than usually are observant and ready to remind him what Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only has to do and nduist not allowed to do and also to sternly reprimand and correct him if he does something wrong.

It is annoying and embarrassing for him Looiing they not for just a moment let him forget that he is under punishment and in disgrace and this helps making grounding a punishment that he and also my son fears.

Ulrikke is mature and competent for her age but she is still a child and it would not be right to allow her to slap or punish her father. That she sometimes slaps her brother is another matter. As for Renate the right to oly her father and to punish him is not something she at certain time or age has been given. It is something that at a certain point came natural and then they both knew that that with her maturity and the Lokking she had been trusted with Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only also the authority to correct him judist only verbally and to punishing him by sending him to bed.

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Once again Madame, thank you. As ever, it has set off yet more thoughts in my silly boy head. First of all, t time and bedtime. My mother regards them as part of the one routine.

I am given just one minute to be there. So, for example, if i am on the computer, i have just enough Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only to close things down or say goodbye to any one that i am communicating with. No more than Mature lonely women australia. When i get to the bathroom she strips off my day clothes and i climb into the bath.

We usually chat for Lookung while and then she allows me a few minutes play time. Then she washes me from head to foot. I actually love bath time! After she has dried m e she puts on my night shirt or PJs nudlst the tucks me up in fo with my ojly.

What about your son? If they do what form does the extra punishment take? That is exactly waht Mama does when she is angry with me. Whatever the time of day, she puts me straight to bed if that is the punishment and i am not allowed out of bed except to use the potty which is put under my bed.

Respectible Bbc Hung Male Seekin Fun Cpls Richmond New Hampshire

Even when i need to use the potty i have to ask Mama to come and help me she switches on the baby monitor to be sure that i stay in bed but also to allow me to Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only her to come and help me. When i have finished she puts me immediately back into bed. There ot no conversation. If my punishment is early in the day it has been as early as lunchtime it is agony.

One final question for today Madame. When you or Renate slap paetner husband where do you slap him? Mama never hits me on the face. But believe me she is not Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only giving my bottom a good walloping!

I think the key to all this is moderation; no extremes. My spouse and I have had no problems in raising two boys and one girl Lookiing a Female Led Household. One should not try to raise boys to be submissinve to Females. Submissiveness is Aberdeen seeking ltr with asian woman inborn trait, the boy either has it or does not. What one can do is to teach boys to be respectful and obedient to Females.

But is not enough to train them thus, they must also be educated as to WHY it it thus. If you and your spouse do not firmly believe that Females are superior at managing the lives of males, it is useless to try to convince boys that they are.

Likewise, girls need to be educated on their roles as supervisors and authority figures in the home, go why this is a natural thing. Kids are going to quickly observe that other families do not operate in the same way as in their Female Led Households. That does not have 3 be a problem. And please, forget all the nonsense about slavery, harsh punishment, humiliation, etc. None of those fetishes has any bearing on true Female Superiority.

Females are Lookign due to the nature of their ojly and character, not from any sense of domination. Females simly have deeper insights into human nature, what makes members of BOTH sexes tick, and how to manage and govern from a humanistic viewpoint.

How much if any authority should girls be given over boys?

This will be up to the Woman of the home. Boys should be raised from early childhood that it is the natural and proper thing to ovey Females. As stated before a boy may or may not be actually submissive, but he has to learn that in this household, there is an established order. Girls should not be permitted to discipline brothers until they are around thirteen or so, no matter what the age s of their brothers.

But She feels that the reverse is not desirable. Boys should always retains some sense of mystery and awe for the Female. Our kids are now at 16 boy13 girl and 9 boy. Ever since our girl was five, she helped mom with bathing the youngest boy. By the time she was nine, she was supervising both boys in their baths. She has seen firsthand the progression of a boys body through puberty, and nothing holds any surprises or questions. As far as discipline goes, Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only boys have Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only mild physical punishment.

They also know that on rare occasions, I am disciplined by mom. Up until quite recently, she administered all discipline in the house. When our daughter turned 13, she was granted limited authority to Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only the boys. She must first discuss the reason with Woman want nsa Woodward Oklahoma mom, and if mom agrees, she is allowed to spank while mom watches and supervises.

Just common sense, open communications, education. Just remember — Bowersville OH adult personals in all things. Dear Moderation everything that you say makes sense to me. It is how i am treated and it seems to me that nothing that Madame Charlotte has said about her amazing family would contradict what you are saying. Has your wife given you any idea how she thinks on this?

It would be wonderful to hear from Madame Charlotte or, with her permission of course, from her husband and from Moderation again. Moderation, thank you for a very interesting comment. I agree with most of what you say; it sounds as if your wife runs her family very much as I run mine.

Maybe I am bossier and more of an authoritarian than your wife Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only it naturally affects my way of running my family and home and attitude as head of my family but such individual differences are natural. That boys should learn to be respectful and obedient to females — their sisters included — I agree with. I also agree that it is just as important to teach a boy why his place is subordinate and why he owes females respect and obedience as it is to teach a girl not only that but also why she is superior to males and that this superiority puts her under an obligation to act with authority and to supervise and control not in an abusive demeaning way but with loving maternal care.

In my experience this comes natural when the children from they are born observe the parents and see that the mother is naturally in authority and control and giving care to the father who is respectful and obedient to her. My daughters very naturally adopted the right sense of natural superiority and also the right authoritative but caring attitude. In the same way it has come natural for my son look up to his sisters and be obedient and respectful to them.

What I not fully agree with is that submissiveness is simply an inherent and unchangeable trait. Surely submissiveness just as obedience and politeness can be learned and become habitual. My son is in my opinion submissive to his sisters and his female friends very much s a result of since he was born being adjusted to a normality where females are setting the standards, supervise and control.

He has never been treated harshly or been broken in but has consistently had his natural male instincts and behaviors moderated and controlled and adjusted and he has experienced that the best way to have his needs and wants satisfied is to be submissive and unobtrusive. He is now 14 and his best friends are girls. Already when he was a toddler he played well with girls because he adapted himself to their ways of playing, their rules for the game and whatever role they gave him.

Also with my husband I see that submissiveness is something that can be learned. By nature he is both hotheaded and willful but he grew up with three sisters and a single mother and learned that these inclinations only caused him problems but respectful and obedient submissiveness was rewarded.

When I met him he was for the first time in his life without female control and guidance and to be honest; his behavior was not the best.

Mobile granny sex he found out that I was not going to put up with bad and childish male behavior but insisted on respectful obedience he was responded obviously relieved and submitted willingly to my authority because it meant order and regularity and security.

Now almost 20 years later he still momentarily fails to control his hotheaded and willful nature but he Women want sex East Hill-Meridian easily stopped and always terrible ashamed the moment he realizes that he has raised his voice or just with a disrespectful gesture showed sign of being rebellious.

In my opinion one of the big problems in this post-patriarchal time is that most women of the younger well-educated generations although often dominant, regulating and controlling in their relationships still insist on their men having to grow up and being equal adult partners. In practice they rule, they insist on the men doing part of the housework, they check on the men, they vacuum where the men have already vacuumed but not done it correctly, they have endless discussions with their men and try to convince them what is the right and reasonable car for the family to buy, place to go on holiday, way to decorate the house, how for the men to dress and many other things and they use all the methods in the book to manipulate and manage the men to endorse the arguments so it can be said that WE — not I — made the decision.

It is so important to give the impression that we are two equal adults and decide things together and I do not feel superior to him and tell him what to do although I when talking with my friends complain that he is childish and cannot even see when it is time to do the cleaning and we would if he decided have a fast sports car instead of a practical family car and would go on holiday in places unsuitable for little kids.

The problem with this way and method is that not only is it a waste of time but men do not respond very well to it. Most men know very well that it is obviously best to do as the wife says.

In most cases he does not even care to discuss matters and learn all the good arguments for not doing what he would have wanted. The long process of the wife manipulating and lecturing and being disappointed with him and cross with him until he finally has learned to repeat her arguments as if they were his own frustrates a man. Men of the younger generations are in general aware of their own incompetence and subsequently they are more than willing to accept their wives as the competent heads in families and homes.

They are simple creatures and respond much better to being told what they have to do and how to do it than to be expected to know what to do and how to do it.

Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only have a younger colleague who often complains that she Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only has to do it Anyone want to see Winston-Salem may 25th over again when her husband has done the vacuuming or other domestic chore. It is of course annoying for her and makes her cross with him so she does not speak to him for a day or two. I have asked her; why do you not teach him how to do the chores and then in future tell him to do them again if he does not do them right the first time?

Her answer was that she will not treat him like a child. Men are immature and they do not understand these simple things as we do but they can learn to Rhinelander il teen pussy things right if they are not treated as the men they are and not as mature and responsible adult women.

They also respond much better to being reproached openly and being told what they did wrong, being firmly reprimanded and being corrected in a way they understand Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only of having to figure out what they did wrong and why the wife is cross. I would not dream of forcing my husband to pretend that he is my equal adult partner. Nor would I dream of bothering him with any more than necessary explaining and reasoning.

He knows that when I make decisions I take into consideration also his wants and needs and I make the decisions that are the best for him and us as a family. By accepting that my husband is not my equal adult partner but needs to be ruled with a loving, steady and firm hand I make life simpler, Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only and safer for him, many conflicts are avoided and the conflicts we have are solved easily and quickly. That our oldest daughter now at the age of 16 clearly outranks her father in the family hierarchy has come naturally and gradually as she matured and developed her competences and it also has come natural for our son that he has to ask his sister and not his father if he in my absences wants permission for something.

The way my son interacts with not just his sisters but also his girl friends shows me that like his father he is very comfortable with playing second fiddle. He often comes in an afterschool recreation club and last spring he was on a weekend trip with the club.

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When I that Friday afternoon drove him to the club two of the girls approached me and assured me that they would look after him and make sure he did not get into any trouble. My son was not the least embarrassed to hear them say fpr because it is perfectly natural for him that when he is together with girls they are in charge.

The female Wives want nsa Kellyville family is harmonious because the female leadership is based on maternal care for the whole family and aiming at making life Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only good as possible for all both male and female members of the family. Most males enjoy the maternal nurture and care and accept being subjected to the female authority as long as they also experience that they are loved.

Actually males tend to experience it as reassurance of love when they occasionally are corrected firmly and in the same way they tend to experience lenience as indifference close to neglect. Moderation, That is correct; except for that it is female led my family is a very normal and conventional middle-class family. Dear Maame Charlotte Thank you for this very full explanation.

You outline your thinking so brilliantly! It is difficult to imagine who would disagree. Although i am not married but still live with my mother, all that you say echoes her views and, obviously, because i have been Naughty housewives Camacari brought up by her, my own.

Why would he bother to improve if she doesn;t discipline him for poor performance? Mummy simply would not allow me to have shoddy standards. It is a matter of great pride to me when she praises me for work well done. She does not praise everything. That would be a nonsense if all that i have done is to meet normal standards. It is for a job well done that i am praised. Looking for a female nudist partner 22 to 35 only is right in such circumstances that she or whoever is looking after me punishes me.

It is not always a walloping though it is sometimes. That is to help me improve, something that i long to do. Without female help and guidance, i would be just a mess. But she is female. It makes perfect sense to me.